Want to burn a lot of calories and get your metabolism fired up? Try the TRX Cardio Intervals programs. These programs alternate between TRX exercises and cardio exercises to giving you both a strength component and a cardiovascular component in the workout.

The following workout is broken into different body parts. You will start off targeting Legs in Block 1, then move on to Chest, Back, Biceps, and finally in Block 5 you will hit both Triceps and Core.

This workout includes 1 minute breaks after each block for the beginner, but as you advance, remove the rest breaks from the program and push though to complete the full program non-stop. For added difficultly, complete this program in full, then complete the workout again, but this time in reverse starting at the bottom exercise in block 5.

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Today we tackle a TRX Tabata program alternating between lower body and upper body exercises, and ending with core conditioning. The exercises are only 20 seconds long so take your TRX training to a new level by increasing your angle of attack more than you would on a regular program.

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Get the calories burning and the heart pumping with this high intensity TRXFIT workout. In Block 1 you’ll complete 8 TRX exercises followed by a TRX Squat Jump Challenge, only to repeat the entire sequence again. In Block 2, the 8 TRX exercises are followed by a TRX Pushup challenge. If you are not able to complete full TRX pushups, perform partial pushups with the knees on the ground.

TRX Fit 3.2

This full-body workout will challenge both your strength and endurance capacity.

During the 60 second rounds, you will push your endurance during the exercises. Do not allow yourself to stop during these exercises. Take an appropriate pace / angle that will allow you to complete the 60 seconds.

30 second rounds will focus on strength, so take an angle that will be challenging, and test your limits.


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New on the schedule, the TRX 510 Boot Camp! Get ready to move through 5 stations in this multi-station, multi-modality, multi-calorie-burning and multi-sweat drop work out.  

This program begins with a 4 minute warm up, two long TRX rounds for strength, a challenge round, followed up with two more long TRX rounds and a final challenge round. End the program with 3 minutes of stretching.



This workout focuses on both the strength and endurance components. There is no transition times between exercises until after the cardio exercise, keeping it a minimal 10 seconds. To decrease the intensity of the program, you can add in 10-15 second breaks after each of the exercises.

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