This workout focuses on both the strength and endurance components. There is no transition times between exercises until after the cardio exercise, keeping it a minimal 10 seconds. To decrease the intensity of the program, you can add in 10-15 second breaks after each of the exercises.

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Since taking time off this year from the competition stage I have been trying out different approaches to training. Recently I have changed up my program to include more suspension training exercises, lower weights (or body weight), and higher volume on reps. My focus with this program is to increase definition and to increase my shoulder size.

Ready to try my TRX Full Body High Volume Training Program? Complete Workouts 1-4 as circuits with as little rest as possible in between each exercise. Workout 5 is structured differently, lifting as heavy as possible for 3 sets of 8 reps before moving on to the next exercise.

Workout 1: Chest & Triceps

Chest & Triceps

Workout 2: Back & Biceps

Back & Biceps

Workout 3: Shoulders


Workout 4: Legs


Workout 5: Shoulders Heavy

Shoulders Heavy

Keep the metabolism fuelled up and burning those calories! This workout features a combination of Suspension Trainer and Body Weight exercises. TRX Express 4.3

Looking to lean out for the summer? This full-body strength and conditioning workout increases your metabolism so you’ll continue to burn calories hours after your session. TRX Express 4.2

Test your endurance and strength with TRXFIT 2.9 – This program has you performing back to back exercises with only 20 seconds of rest in between stations. Repeat the entire program 4 times. TRXFIT 2.9

Partner up for this next instalment of TRX Fit. Each of you will take turns performing the exercises. This means that after you perform your 30 seconds of work, you’ll have a 35 second break (including the 5 sec transition time between partners). During the TRX Circuits, perform the exercises listed 2 times before moving to the next exercise. During the remaining exercises, rotate through the different exercises until you have performed each one twice. Total time on this program is approximately 48 minutes.

TRX Fit 2.8

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This workout consists of 5 circuits containing 4 exercises each. Repeat each circuit twice in a row, with only a 30 sec rest at the end of each circuit. For a more intense workout, complete 4 rounds of each of the circuits. Enjoy!

TRX Express 4.1