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This workout focuses on both the strength and endurance components. There is no transition times between exercises until after the cardio exercise, keeping it a minimal 10 seconds. To decrease the intensity of the program, you can add in 10-15 second breaks after each of the exercises.

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Since taking time off this year from the competition stage I have been trying out different approaches to training. Recently I have changed up my program to include more suspension training exercises, lower weights (or body weight), and higher volume on reps. My focus with this program is to increase definition and to increase my shoulder size.

Ready to try my TRX Full Body High Volume Training Program? Complete Workouts 1-4 as circuits with as little rest as possible in between each exercise. Workout 5 is structured differently, lifting as heavy as possible for 3 sets of 8 reps before moving on to the next exercise.

Workout 1: Chest & Triceps

Chest & Triceps

Workout 2: Back & Biceps

Back & Biceps

Workout 3: Shoulders


Workout 4: Legs


Workout 5: Shoulders Heavy

Shoulders Heavy

Partner up for this next instalment of TRX Fit. Each of you will take turns performing the exercises. This means that after you perform your 30 seconds of work, you’ll have a 35 second break (including the 5 sec transition time between partners). During the TRX Circuits, perform the exercises listed 2 times before moving to the next exercise. During the remaining exercises, rotate through the different exercises until you have performed each one twice. Total time on this program is approximately 48 minutes.

TRX Fit 2.8

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Get ready to move fast! This workout will have you hopping from one exercise to the next with only a 10 sec transition time. Perform each exercise for 20 sec before moving on to the next one. For a effective 25 minute workout, complete 2 full rounds of this circuit, but if you really want to challenge yourself, do 4 rounds for an intense 50 minute training session!

TRX Express 4.0

The 3-2-1 Workout combines Strength, Cardio and Core in one circuit. All exercises are 30 seconds in length. You will alternate between the two exercises given for each the strength (A – 3 Sets), cardio (B – 2 sets) and core (C – 1 set). During the circuit you will only get a 5 second transitional rest between exercises, and a 30 second rest between circuits. Total time on this workout will be 45 minutes.


Circuit 1

  • A1: Dumbbell Row x3
  • A2: Alternating Side Lunge with Dumbbell Flye x3
  • B1: Jumping Jacks x2
  • B2: Single Leg Mountain Climbers x2
  • C1: Crunch x1
  • C2: Reverse Crunch x1

Circuit 2

  • A1: ST Row x3
  • A2: ST Bicep Curls x3
  • B1: ST Jump Squat x2
  • B2: ST Hip Drop (R/L) x2
  • C1: Crunch x1
  • C2: Reverse Crunch x1

Circuit 3

  • A1: Dumbbell Squat & Press x3
  • A2: Pushup x3
  • B1: Buttkicks x2
  • B2: Punches x2
  • C1: Crossing Crunch (R) x1
  • C2: Crossing Crunch (L) x1

Circuit 4

  • A1: ST Chest Press x3
  • A2: ST Tricep Press x3
  • B1: ST Squat Pulses x2
  • B2: ST Lunge & Hop (R/L) x2
  • C1: Crossing Crunch (R) x1
  • C2: Crossing Crunch (L) x1

Circuit 5

  • A1: Dumbbell Lunge & Bicep Curl x3
  • A2: Dumbbell Front Raise x3
  • B1: Jump Rope x2
  • B2: Running on the Spot x2
  • C1: Hip Press x1
  • C2: Plank x1

Circuit 6

  • A1: ST T-Delt Raise x3
  • A2: ST Y-Delt Raise x3
  • B1: ST Split Jump x2
  • B2: ST Cossack x2
  • C1: Hip Press
  • C2: Plank

If you’re familiar with Crossfit workouts then you already know about Fran. The Fran workout doesn’t look like much on paper, but it is especially deceptive. In adapting this to a TRX setting we’ve used TRX Squat Thruster and the TRX Pullup.

TRX Squat Thruster

This move is very similar to the TRX Overhead Squat. The difference is at the bottom of the movement the elbows will drop down to your sides and arms will fully extend as you stand up out of the squat.







TRX Pullup

For any TRX pullup, suspend the unit from a secure anchor above you so the straps hang straight down. For this beginner exercise, adjust the straps so the handles hang an arm’s length above the floor. Perform this exercise in one of two ways, either kneeling or seated on the floor below the handles. If you sit, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Reach above you and grab the TRX handles with your palms facing forward. Initiate the pullup movement by squeezing your back muscles together and down. Bend your elbows and pull your body up until your chin is in line with your hands. Your toes should stay in contact with the floor, reducing the amount of weight you lift and providing a way for you to assist yourself if needed.







The Workout

  • 21 TRX Squat Thrusters
  • 21 TRX Pullups
  • 15 TRX Squat Thrusters
  • 15 TRX Pullups
  • 9   TRX Squat Thrusters
  • 9   TRX Squat Thrusters

Complete 3 rounds for time.




TRXIt’s time to ditch the dumbbells and get a full body workout in about 25 minutes with TRX Express 3.8.

  1. Beginners: 30sec work / 30sec rest
  2. Intermediate: 45sec work / 15sec rest
  3. Advanced: 50sec work / 10sec rest
  • ST Chest Press
  • ST Mid Row
  • ST Split Fly – Right
  • ST Split Fly – Left
  • ST Tricep Kickback
  • ST Bicep Clutch
  • ST Squat
  • ST Balance Lunge – Right
  • ST Balance Lunge – Left
  • ST Hamstring Curl
  • ST Hamstring Runner
  • ST Oblique Crunch
  • ST Body Saw
  • ST Chest Press (Inside Grip)
  • ST High Row
  • ST T-Deltoid Fly
  • ST W-Deltoid Fly
  • ST Tricep Press
  • ST Bicep Curl
  • ST Abducted Lunge – Right
  • ST Abducted Lunge – Left
  • ST Hip Abduction
  • ST Hip Drop – Right
  • ST Hip Drop – Left
  • ST Plank