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Get ready to move through a variety of equipment today: TRX Suspension Trainer, Dumbbells, Heavy Ropes, Kettlebells, Barbells, Sandbags, and Plyo Boxes.

Modifications: Make this program easier or harder by varying the work to rest ratio. Beginners may find that a 30 sec work / 30 sec rest is better suited to their abilities, while the more advanced may want to increase the work time, and possibly add a cardio component into the program instead of a full 60 seconds of rest.


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This program starts off with a leg dominated first block, attacking both the quads and the hamstrings. Block 2 & 3 focus on Chest & Back, and Shoulders & Core, before jumping back into legs in block 4. TRX Fit 3.4 - 1TRX Fit 3.4 - 2

Alright, time to get the heart racing and the calories burning with TRX Sweat 1.3. Move through Blocks 1-3 with only 10 seconds between each exercise. Once you have completed all 3 Blocks, start all over again at the top!

Modifications can be made to the program such as adding in longer rest periods between exercises and / or Blocks.

TRX Sweat 1.3

This workout focuses on both the strength and endurance components. There is no transition times between exercises until after the cardio exercise, keeping it a minimal 10 seconds. To decrease the intensity of the program, you can add in 10-15 second breaks after each of the exercises.

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