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In this full-body 25 minute express program we focus on using unilateral movements throughout the majority of the program. When using proper form, this creates a more stable core as you counter the rotational forces, and increases the demand that is being placed on the muscles.

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Only have a short time to get your workout in? Try this Express TRX Sweat session that will get your heart rate up, and only takes about 25 minutes to complete. You will move between a TRX exercise and a cardio/core exercise in each block. Complete each block twice before moving on to the next one.

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Get ready to move through a variety of equipment today: TRX Suspension Trainer, Dumbbells, Heavy Ropes, Kettlebells, Barbells, Sandbags, and Plyo Boxes.

Modifications: Make this program easier or harder by varying the work to rest ratio. Beginners may find that a 30 sec work / 30 sec rest is better suited to their abilities, while the more advanced may want to increase the work time, and possibly add a cardio component into the program instead of a full 60 seconds of rest.


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This program starts off with a leg dominated first block, attacking both the quads and the hamstrings. Block 2 & 3 focus on Chest & Back, and Shoulders & Core, before jumping back into legs in block 4. TRX Fit 3.4 - 1TRX Fit 3.4 - 2