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Move through 2 blocks of TRX exercises with a cardio/core 2 minute challenge at the end of each section in this 50 minute full-body workout.

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It’s time for a name change. Boot camps make you think of an instructor yelling “motivation” at you to work harder, which doesn’t fit into my philosophy. Going forward we’re changing the name to TRX Training Camps, but you’ll still enjoy the challenging workouts and exercises that you’ve come to expect from us.

Station Setup: General warm up of 5 minutes, choose activities based on what you need to work on in your mobility and for your weaknesses.

There are 5 Stations (or Blocks) of work. You will perform each as a circuit, completing 3 rounds of all of the exercises before moving on to the next station. There is a 60 second rest in between stations.

Equipment Needed: TRX Duo Trainer, TRX Rip Trainer, TRX Suspension Trainer, Dumbbells, Sandbag, Kettlebells, Bench. TRX Training Camp 3.3.jpg

Station Setup: You will alternate between TRX Suspension Trainer exercises and bodyweight / cardio movements in each of the blocks.

Block 1 focuses on warming up the body, and prepping you for the workload of the program. Blocks 2 and 3 will be performed as circuits. You will complete all of the exercises in each block, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat that same Block one more time.

After you have completed Block 3, you will repeat Block 1 again, except this time in reverse order.

Equipment Needed: TRX Suspension Trainer

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Station Setup: Each Block contains a total of 10 exercises, alternating between TRX movements and body weight / cardio exercises. After completing all of the exercises in the block there is a 30 second rest before you repeat that same block two more times. Once you have completed all three rounds, you will move on to Block 2, where you will also complete 3 rounds.

Equipment Needed: TRX Suspension Trainer

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Using only the TRX Suspension Trainer and your bodyweight, this workout will get your heart pumping, calories burning, and sweat pouring.

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Only have a short time to get your daily workout in? Get a full-body training session in with TRX 25. These express workouts will challenge you, get you stronger, and make you sweat! No need for equipment for this one besides your TRX Suspension Trainer.

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It’s the Easter Long Weekend, and what do those little bunnies do? They HOP! So this workout is focused on those explosive leg movements. This one is sure to get the heart racing and the sweat pouring.

Station Setup: Each exercise is 30 seconds with only a 10 second break in between. Complete 2 rotations of the station before moving to the next station. There is quick 20 second station change. When you have completed all 5 stations there is a 1 minute rest.

For Station 3, you will change the ladder exercise every round.

Equipment Needed: TRX Suspension Trainer, Ladder


1 Pulse Squat
2 TRX Squat Jump


1 Hip Press
2 TRX Leg Press


1 Ladder – In & Out / Icky Step / High Knee Laterals (R/L)
2 TRX Crossing Balance Lunge with Hop (R/L)


1 Single Leg Hip Press (R/L)
2 TRX Hamstring Runner


1 Running on the Spot
2 TRX Burpee (R/L)